Bolo Na Song Lyrics

Bolo Na Song Lyrics” is an exquisite and emotional expression of love, featuring Shreya Ghoshal and Shaan, two acclaimed Indian singers. Composed by Shantanu Moitra renowned for romantic melodies while Swanand Kirkire is well known for his emotive writing skills; both artists performed the song for film 12th Fail as featured romantic comedies about young lovers who meet each other unexpectedly. Check bol na hindi lyrics.

Bolo Na Lyrics

Ye Patange
Ambar Se
Kahate Hain
Kya Sun Loo

Ye Havaen Kahatee
Kya Baadhal Se
Hamm Haan Sun Loo

Kya Kahe Dil See
Dhadakanen Paagal
Sun Lo Kya Bolee
Saanson Kee Halachal

Baansuree Honthon Se Jo Kahe
Tum Labon Se Bolo Na
Titaliyaan Jo Phoolon Se Kahee
Tum Najar Se Bolo Naa

Haule Se Bolo Naa
Chupake Se Bolo Naa
Bolo Na Haan Bolo Naa
Bolo Bhee Bolo Naa

Sun Lo Kya Bolee
Boonden Saavan See
Kya Kahe Aansoo
Bheege Kaajal See

Baansuree Honthon Se Jo Kahe
Tum Labon Se Bolo Naa
Titaliyaan Jo Phoolon Se Kahe
Tum Najar Se Bolo Naa

Haule Se Bolo Naa
Chupake Se Bolo Naa
Bolo Na Bolo Bhee
Bolo Na Bolo Bhee
Mm Bolo Naa

Bolo Na Song Details

SongBolo Na
SingerShreya Ghoshal & Shaan
MusicShantanu Moitra
LyricsSwanand Kirkire
MovieSwanand Kirkire
StarringVikrant Massey & Medha Shankar
Music LabelSaregama Music

FAQ Of Bolo Na Song Lyrics

What is the song “Bolo Na” about?

“Bolo Na” tells the tale of two young lovers who are afraid to express their affection for each other, using imagery of nature such as butterflies fluttering hearts and raindrops as symbols for emotions such as butterflies fluttering hearts or tears falling as representation of feelings expressed through songs like this one.

Who sings the song “Bolo Na”?

Shreya Ghoshal and Shaan are featured as singers of “Bolo Na”.

Who composed the music for “Bolo Na”?

Shantanu Moitra composed the music for “Bolo Na”.

Who wrote the lyrics for the song “Bolo Na”?

Swanand Kirkire wrote the lyrics for “Bolo Na.”

What is “12th Fail” about?

Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s movie, 12th Fail, follows two young lovers as they find happiness together in a small town. Vikrant Massey and Medha Shankar star as the protagonists.

Which part of “Bolo Na” do you enjoy the most?

My favorite part of “Bolo Na” is its bridge, where two singers come together to harmonize and sing its refrain. The song builds to an impressive crescendo during this segment and Shreya Ghoshal and Shaan’s voices blend beautifully together here.

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