Diwali Song Lyrics

“Behold the captivating melodies of ‘Diwali Song Lyrics‘ from the Hindi Album Apurva,’ the latest musical offering graced by the enchanting voices of Vishal Mishra. Composed by the maestro Vishal Mishra, this vibrant track pulsates with the essence of the festival of lights, Diwali.

With its jubilant rhythm and soul-stirring verses penned by none other than the gifted Vishal Mishra and the illustrious Kaushal Kishore, the song embarks on a euphoric journey, entwining the festival’s ethos of optimism and fervent celebration.

In this melodious opus, every note dances with the spirit of hope, painting a vivid tapestry of joy and exuberance, befitting the grandeur of the festive season.”

Diwali Lyrics

Tera Pyar Yeh Tyohaar Hai
Sansaar Hai Mera
Tere Bina Dushvaar Hai
Bekaar Hai Dasthaan

Oh Roshan Tujhi Se Mera Jahan Hai
Tu Lakhon Diyon Sa Jal Raha
Shamein Rangoli Sii
Yeh Raatein Taron Wali

Aisa Ishq Hua Hai
Jaise Ayi Diwali
Baatein Phoolon Jaisi
Dil Pe Ishq Ki Laali

Aisa Ishq Hua Hai
Jaise Ayi Diwali

Tanha Tanha Jeethe The
Murjhaye The Sare Pal
Mausam Sare Badle Hain
Jo Barse Tere Baadaa

Ab Kya Sunayein Kitna Batayein
Kisse Tere Hain Jaadugari
Raatein Sandoori Si
Aankhein Jugni Walii

Aisa Ishq Hua Hai
Jaise Ayi Diwali

Diwali Song Details

SingerVishal Mishra
MusicVishal Mishra
LyricsVishal Mishra & Kaushal Kishore
StarringTara Sutaria & Dhairya Karwa

FAQ Of Diwali Song Lyrics

Who lends their melodious voices to the enchanting "Diwali" song that graces our ears with its presence?

The dulcet tones of none other than Vishal Mishra serenade our souls in the “Diwali” track. The creative genius behind both music and lyrics, Vishal Mishra, harmoniously intertwines his musical prowess with the lyrical finesse of Kaushal Kishore.

What profound essence lies beneath the surface of the "Diwali" song?

“Diwali” emerges as a jubilant ode to the Festival of Lights, unraveling the very essence of joy and mirth that pervades this spectacular celebration. It delves into the significance of kinship and camaraderie during this luminous juncture in the calendar.

Can you enlighten us about the musical genre that encapsulates the essence of "Diwali"?

“Diwali” takes its place within the vibrant tapestry of Hindi pop, resonating with an infectious melody and a spirited tempo that beckons the heart to dance in jubilation.

What visual tapestry unfolds in the music video accompanying "Diwali"?

The music video unfolds against the backdrop of a picturesque Indian village, steeped in tradition and adorned with the splendor of Diwali’s luminous aura. The captivating narrative features the enchanting duo of Tara Sutaria and Dhairya Karwa, exuberantly partaking in the festive revelry, surrounded by a tapestry of familial bonds and cherished friendships.

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