Emayyindho Emito Song Lyrics

“Emayyindho Emito Song Lyrics” from Telugu film Mangalavaaram is an emotive and soulful track performed by Harshika Devanath who also composed it, while Chaitanya Prasad wrote the lyrics to this breathtaking tune.

This song tells of its protagonist’s desire for an unknown woman but being unable to communicate his affection clearly to her; leaving him uncertain if they share similar emotions for each other. A beautiful expression of longing, love and desire.

The lyrics of this song are concise yet poignant, perfectly depicting its protagonist’s emotions in an engaging fashion that anyone familiar with love will connect to. Sure to move any listener! This piece should definitely touch hearts everywhere who has ever experienced romantic feelings for someone special!

Emayyindho Emito Lyrics

Emayyindho Emito
Nilava Needho Manase

Undipona Neelu Nindipona
Aapaleni Thalanai
Allukona Ninne Gillulona
Sanajaaji Lathanaii

Nanu Neeloo Kalupukora
Nuvu Naaloo Kalisipora

Nenu Palakani Vanuvu Kaaga
Neeve Palikinchu Maadhavudega
Musirina Nisi Adhi Nenura
Masi Vale Ila Migilaanura
Sasiga Sesila Itu Raa

Nenu Nena, Neela Maaralena
Neeve Nenu Thelusa
Praanamantha Ninne Chramantu
Paade Kotha Varasa

Nanu Neelo Kalupukoraa
Nuvu Naalo Kalisiporaa…

Gaali Mathi Cheru Madhyakurake
Aa Pai Salaladhu Oopurii Neeke
Kalaligesina China Nenuga
Thanu Kadalige Nili Cheruga
Odilo Odhiga Nadinai

Undipona Neelu Nindipona
Aapaleni Thalanai
Allukona Ninne Gillulona
Sanajaaji Lathanai

Nanu Neelo Kalupukora
Nuvu Naalo Kalisiporaa…

Emayyindho Emito Song Details

SingerHarshika Devanath
MusicB Ajaneesh Loknath
LyricsChaitanya Prasad
StarringPayal Rajput &, Nanditha Swetha
Music LabelSaregama Telugu

FAQ Of Emayyindho Emito Song Lyrics

What is the meaning of the song “Emayyindho Emito”?

“Emayyindho Emito” is an emotional song about love and attraction between two individuals, specifically between romantic partners. The lyrics vividly capture this indescribable sensation – almost like floating on air – of falling in love. Sung from the protagonist’s point of view, the song depicts new emotions he is experiencing and finds both exciting and disorienting at once.

Who are the singers of this song?

Harshika Devanath sings “Emayyindho Emito”. Ajmal is an actor-singer who has appeared in films like Kotha Bangaru Lokam and Sahoo; Payal Rajput also appears.

Who is the composer of the song?

“Emayyindho Emito” was composed by B Ajaneesh Loknath, an esteemed Telugu music director renowned for composing scores for films such as Pushpa: The Rise, Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo and Fidaa.

What is the theme of the song?

“Emayyindho Emito” is about love. The lyrics portray how romantic feelings can leave one feeling like they’re floating on air, as a song celebrating love’s transformative power on our lives.

Why does the film feature songs in its story?

“Emayyindho Emito” is an important moment in “Mangalavaaram,” as it marks the start of Ajay and Payal’s love story. The song plays during their initial encounter and sets the stage for what will follow as Ajay and Payal become lovers.

Which line from the song stands out most vividly for you?

One of the most memorable lines from “Emayyindho Emito” is: “eemaiNdi eemittoo vivriNcleenidi” (Emayyindho emito vivarisalaledani). This phrase means, “What is this that I can’t explain?” and captures perfectly the feeling of falling in love. Furthermore, its repetition throughout the song further emphasizes its significance.

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