Haath Dhona Cool Hai Lyrics

Emiway Bantai, in collaboration with Savlon Swasth India and The Dharavi Dream Project, has recently released a new hindi track titled “HAATH DHONA COOL HAI Lyrics” (Handwashing is Cool). This song is a lively and infectious rap piece designed to encourage people to maintain good hand hygiene for their well-being.

The song’s lyrics are straightforward and easily comprehensible, effectively conveying a crucial message about the significance of hand cleanliness. Emiway raps about the role of handwashing in preventing the spread of germs and diseases, urging individuals to incorporate it into their daily routines.

Moreover, the song showcases a chorus performed by the Dharavi Dream Project, a group of young individuals from the Dharavi slum in Mumbai dedicated to enhancing the lives of their community. Their contribution adds vigor and enthusiasm to the track, reinforcing the song’s core message.

In summary, “HATH DHONA COOL HAI Song Lyrics” is a delightful and memorable song that delivers a vital message about hand hygiene. This song is bound to get people singing and dancing, while also raising awareness about the importance of regular handwashing.

Haath Dhona Cool Hai Song Lyrics

Ayo Wassup Wassup
Kya Bolti Company
Emiway Bantai Savlon Ke Sath Leke Ayela Hu
Swasth India Mission!

To Chalo Is Legendary Hip-Hop Action Ko
Hack Karte Aur Hath Dhote
Taiyaar Hai Ki Ni Public?

Handwash Karne Ka
Aur Swasth Rehne Ka
Handwash Karna Cool
Pehle Jaan Le Usool

Khana Khane Se Pehle
Aur Loo Jaane Ke Baad Bhool Mat

Haath Dhona Cool Hai
Dhoya Ki Ni Haath?
Haath Dhona Cool Hai
Kyu Kyu?

Kyunke Ye Kitaanu Se Bachayenge, Bachayenge Bimari Se
Machayenge Na Jayenge Sab Logo Ko Aasani Se
Hand Rub Karo Wrapper Jaisa Sabun Aur Paani Se
Inspire Hogi Ye Duniya Ek Din Tere Kahani Se

Haan Tension Nahi Friends Germs Karo End
Accept Karo Aisa Bano Handwash Legend

Haath Dhona Cool Hai
Dhoya Ki Ni Haath?
Haath Dhona Cool Hai
Kyu Kyu? Kyunkee

Haath Dhona Cool Hai
Dhoya Ki Ni Haath?
Haath Dhona Cool Hai
Kyu Kyu? Beatbox!

Ek Number! Ghar Ho Ya School
Handwash Karne Ka Hai Simple Sa Rule
Karega To Rahega Germs Tujhse Meelo Door
Ye Swasth India Mission Hai Hath Dhona Mat Bhool

Haath Dhona Cool Hai
Haath Dho Le Hath Dho Le
Haath Dhona Cool Hai
Handwash Karo

Hath Dhona Cool Hai
Haan Ek Number Bhai
Haath Dhona Cool Hai
Samajh Mein Aaya Kya?

FAQ Of Haath Dhona Cool Hai Lyrics

What is the song "HAATH DHONA COOL HAI" about?

The song “HAATH DHONA COOL HAI” is a cool collaboration between Emiway Bantai and Savlon Swasth India. It’s all about reminding people to wash their hands regularly for good health.

Who are the Dharavi Dream Project?

The Dharavi Dream Project is a fantastic non-profit organization. They help young folks in Dharavi, one of Asia’s biggest slums, by providing them with education and training to improve their skills and opportunities.

Why is handwashing important?

Handwashing is super important because it’s one of the best ways to stop germs from spreading. These germs can make you and others sick, causing problems like diarrhea, pneumonia, and the flu. So, by simply washing your hands regularly, you’re helping to keep everyone healthier!

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