Kotha Raja Lyrics

Kotha Raja Song Lyrics from the film King of Kotha, performed by Asal Kolaar, Dabzee, Roll Rida and Mu.Ri is an energetic rap song celebrating Rajendran Raju (aka Raju Madrassi), an ambitious but brutal gangster who rules Kotha.

The song features a mix of Tamil, Telugu and English lyrics performed by three distinct artists bringing their individual style. Asal Kolaar sets the pace with an aggressive flow and boastful lyrics; Dabzee follows up with lyrics that combine lyricism with clever wordplay; Roll Rida stands out with smooth vocals and catchy hooks; while Mu. Ri brings her powerful yet reflective performance as she discusses Raju’s rise to power through Mu. Ri’s verse that ends the track.

Jakes Bejoy produced this song with a hard-hitting yet danceable beat. Furthermore, its instrumentation showcases both traditional and modern elements for an impressive finish.

Overall, Kotha Raja Song Lyrics is an engaging rap song sure to get listeners up-and-moving. It showcases India’s vibrant and cutting edge musical production scene today.

Kotha Raja Lyrics

Enthada Kathunnu
Ellam Kanunnu

Enthada Kathunnu
Ellam Kanunnu

Aah Agolaperuma
Thani Local Garima
Moda Kandal Epapedal Edapaada
Vaaa Vaalinte Thalappa
Kezhapokum Polappa
Pedayanda Chuvarile Padamaadaa

Un Katho
Ee Thappu
Hridayathe Thudippu
Pidivitta Padappu
Pedappu Pedappuu

Cheruthinu Cheruthane
Bedakkinu Bedakkaane
Koduthaal Koduthaane
Aa Manassinu Settane

Cheruthinu Cheruthane
Bedakkinu Bedakkaane
Koduthaal Koduthaane
Aa Manassinu Settane

Thanichethum Raja
Thani Kotha Raja!

Hey Muthumaara
Azhakotha Raja
Purappettu Vaadaa

Kotha Raja Song Details

SongKotha Raja
MusicJakes Bejoy
MovieKing of Kotha
StarringDulquer Salmaan
Music LabelSony Music South

FAQ Of Kotha Raja Song Lyrics

Who is the singer of Kotha Raja?

Kotha Raja was composed and performed by Asal Kolaar, Dabzee, Roll Rida, and Mu.Ri

What does Kotha Raja mean?

Kotha Raja is a Telugu term meaning “King of the Kotha”. When applied to this song, it refers to its protagonist: an attractive young man who becomes involved with prostitution.

What is the theme of Kotha Raja song?

Kotha Raja depicts the dark underbelly of Hyderabad through song. This tune shows its seedsy side where prostitution, drugs and violence thrive.

What is the music video for Kotha Raja like?

Kotha Raja’s music video is a dark and grimy affair. It shows four singers performing the song at various locations around Hyderabad such as brothels, drug dens and street fights.

Watch King Kotha Raja Music Video

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