Maamadura Song Lyrics

Maamadura Song Lyrics from Jigarthanda DoubleX, featuring Raghava Lawrence and SJ Suryah, is an energetic song composed by Santhosh Narayanan with lyrics written by Vivek which perfectly match its rhythmic beat and its playful tone.

This song begins with an upbeat introduction sung by Dhee, followed by his verse about how obsessed with an attractive woman he compares to goddess. Dhee and Vivek join voices for a catchy chorus celebrating both her beauty and sensuality as well as his desire for her.

Vivek sings the second verse, which is even more playful and suggestive than its predecessor. Vivek offers vivid descriptions of a woman’s body while discussing their fantasies for him as the protagonist. After which Dhee and Vivek come back together onstage together to sing about how she intoxicates him.

Maamadura Tamil Lyrics is an upbeat and energetic song sure to get you dancing – its catchy chorus repeats, followed by an energetic short outro. Maamadura Lyrics features amusing and humorous double entendre lyrics which perfectly compliment its mood and energy.

Maamadura Lyrics

Maamadura Annakodi
Vaa Madhini Annan Ready
Marudha Mechum Annakodi
Vaa Madhini Nalla Kotu Adi

Maamadura Annakodi
Vaa Madhini Annan Ready
Marudha Mechum Annakodi
Vaa Madhini Nalla Kotu Adi!

Ye Pattase
Vaa Raasu Vellaasse
Pattasu Podu Pattasu
Songi Nikkama Vandhu Oraasu

Ye Podu, Pattasu
Ye Podu, Vaa Raasuu
Vandaplla Vandapla

Maamadura Annakodi
Vaa Madhini Annan Ready
Marudha Mechum Anakodii
Vaa Madhini Nalla Kottu Adi

Maamadura Annakodi
Vaa Madhini Annan Ready
Marudha Mechum Annakodi
Vaa Madhini Nalla Kottu Adi
Ye Patasu Ye Vellaassee

Maamadura Song Details

SingerDhee & Santhosh Narayanan
MusicSanthosh Narayanan
MovieJigarthanda DoubleX
StarringRaghava Lawrence & SJ Suryah
Music LabelThink Music India

FAQ Of Maamadura Song Lyrics

What is the meaning of the song “Maamadura” from the film Jigarthanda DoubleX?

”Maamadura” is a Tamil folk song that celebrates the beauty of Maamadura village in Tamil Nadu. This tune describes its lush green fields, its exquisite women, vibrant culture and their sense of pride that its residents hold for their home country.

Who is the singer of the song “Maamadura”?

Raghava Lawrence sings the song, Maamadura. Lawrence is a renowned Tamil actor, dancer and choreographer as well as having made numerous film appearances singing various songs from Tamil cinematic productions.

Who composed “Maamadura”?

“Maamadura” was composed by Santhosh Narayanan, an accomplished Tamil music composer who has created scores for several successful Tamil films such as Jigarthanda DoubleX.

Who wrote the lyrics for “Maamadura”?

Karthik Subbaraj wrote the lyrics for “Maamadura”, who also serves as director for Jigarthanda DoubleX film and is widely-renowned as both screenwriter and filmmaker in Tamil cinema.

What is the significance of the song “Maamadura” in the film Jigarthanda DoubleX?

In Jigarthanda DoubleX, “Maamadura” plays during a scene where Simran visits Maamadura village to experience its culture and beauty, serving to remind her of her roots.

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