Neela Nilave Lyrics

Neela Nilave is a beautiful and romantic Malayalam song from the 2023 movie RDX. The song is sung by Kapil Kapilan and composed by Sam C.S. The lyrics are written by Manu Manjith. Starring Shane Nigam and Mahima Nambiar

Neela Nilave from 2023’s movie RDX is an emotionally moving Malayalam song of romantic devotion about being deeply in love and feeling helplessly lost without them in their life. The singer describes this emotion-charged ode as one in which two lovers cannot imagine life without each other and can no longer imagine an existence without each other in it.

This song is perfect for couples in deep love or anyone wanting a beautiful romantic song to listen to – its lyrics are heartfelt yet simple while its music is catchy and melodious.

Neela Nilave Song Lyrics

Neela Nilave Ninavil Azhakee
Thaaramarike Viriyum Chiriye
Paari Uyaraan Chirakilalayaan
Thonnalunarum Manasil Veruthe..

Thaane Maariyen Lokavum
Ninte Ormayaale
Nooru Ponkinaavinnitha
Minni Ennilaake

Nee Thooval Pole Kaatil Vannen
Nenjil Thottille


Neela Nilave Ninavil Azhakee
Thaaramarike Viriyum Chiriye
Paari Uyaran Chirakilalayan
Thonnalunarum Manassil Veruthee

Raavu Pularaan Kaathu Kazhiyum
Ninne Onnu Kananayi
Doore Irulil Manju Kanavil
Enne Thediyile Neee

Nin Oro Vaakkilum Neelum Nokkilum
Poonthen Thullikal Niraye Pozhiyee
Enthe Ingane Maayajalamo..
Enne Thanne Njan Evide Maranno

Niramaayii Nizhalaayii Neeyille Ennalum

Neela Nilave Ninavil Azhake
Thaaramarike Viriyum Chiriye
Paari Uyaran Chirakilalayan
Thonnalunarum Manasil Veruthe

Nela Nilave Song Details

SongNeela Nilave
SingerKapil Kapilan
MusicSam C.S
LyricsManu Manjith
MovieRDX (2023)
StarringShane Nigam & Mahima Nambiar
Music LabelSaregama Malayalam

FAQ for Neela Nilave Lyrics

Which Song is Neela Nilave?

Neela Nilave from 2023 movie RDX features Shane Nigam and Kapil Kapilan from band RDX singing this romantic ballad about moonlit nights and love between two individuals. The lyrics describe both elements beautifully.

Who wrote the lyrics for Neela Nilave?

Manu Manjith writeen the lyrics of Neela Nilave

Who composed the music for Neela Nilave?

Sam CS composed the music for Neela Nilave.

What does Neela Nilave mean?

Neela Nilave in Malayalam means Blue Moon.

When was Neela Nilave released?

Neela Nilave made her first public debut on August 4, 2023.

Is Neela Nilave a popular song?

Neela Nilave is an immensely popular song in India and has been streamed over 10 million times on Spotify; additionally, its music video has received over one million views on YouTube.

Why is Neela Nilave so well-liked?

Neela Nilave is popular for many reasons: its catchy melody and romantic lyrics; well-produced video that showcases beautiful scenery; promotion by popular band RDX as well as actors Shane Nigam and Kapil Kapilan are just three such reasons for its immense appeal.

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