Nobody Sleeps Here Lyrics

Descend into the melancholic melodies and sinister lyrics of “Nobody Sleeps Here Lyrics“, featured in Conjuring Kannappan film.

Composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and performed by Mathichiyam Bala and MC Sanaa, this song perfectly captures the unsettling atmosphere of the film where sleeping becomes impossible and nightmares take control.

Vishnu Edavan’s lyrics paint an emotive picture of fear and paranoia; shadows dance menacingly while darkness hides mysteries to be unearthed.

Nobody Sleeps Here Song Lyrics

Nobody Sleeps Here Song Details

SongNobody Sleeps Here
SingerYuvanShankarRaja, Mathichiyam Bala & MC Sanaa (Rap)
LyricsVishnu Edavan
MovieConjuring Kannappan
StarringSathish, Regina Cassandra & Nasser
Music LabelT-Series Tamil

FAQ Of Nobody Sleeps Here Lyrics

What does "Nobody Sleeps Here" refer to?

“Nobody Sleeps Here” is an ominous and atmospheric track from Conjuring Kannappan that perfectly captures its haunted themes. The lyrics explore fear and paranoia felt by its characters when confronted by malevolent supernatural beings that threaten them.

Who wrote "Nobody Sleeps Here"?

“Nobody Sleeps Here” was composed and written by Vishnu Edavan, with vocal performances by Yuvan Shankar Raja, Mathichiyam Bala and MC Sanaa.

What genre is "Nobody Sleeps Here"?

“Nobody Sleeps Here” is an atmospheric blend of heavy metal, rock, and traditional Tamil folk music, featuring haunting melodies and emotive lyrics to capture the atmosphere of this film perfectly.

Can you give an overview of the film Conjuring Kannappan?

Conjuring Kannappan, directed by Selvin Raj Xavier, is a Tamil horror film depicting the story of a family that moves into an old haunted house and finds themselves terrorized by malevolent supernatural presences.

Who stars in the film Conjuring Kannappan?

Conjuring Kannappan features Sathish, Regina Cassandra, Nasser, Anand Raj, Saranya Ponvannan (Elli AvrRam), Redin Kingsley(Regina Cassandra), Jason Shah(Benedict Garrett), Namo Narayana(Namo Narayana), Adithya Kathir and Adithya Kathir as its cast of actors.

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