Prema Oh Ayudham Telugu Lyrics

Prema Oh Ayudham Lyrics in Telugu from the film LEO starring Thalapathy Vijay and Trisha, features in an emotional romance track composed by Anirudh Ravichander and performed by J.V Sudhanshu & Priya Mali with lyrics written by Krishna Kanth.

This song is an elegant tribute to love, likening it to a weapon capable of breaking open hearts. The singer sings of how love can drive him forward regardless of external obstacles; love can even cause him to go against society itself!

Vijay and Anirudh fans will no doubt love this catchy and heartfelt song that will remain with them long after hearing it for themselves.

Prema Oh Ayudham Song Lyrics

Raasichhaale Manase Ooo
Chesethaale Thapasse Oo
Prema Oh Aayudham Leve
Monagaadi Gundelo

Meedhe Padda Vayasse Oo
Thodosthaale Venake Oo
Prema Oh Aayudham Leve
Monagaadi Gundelo

Chali Manchu Sudigaale
Oka Chote Kalisaaye
Prema Oh Aayudham Leve
Monagaadi Gundelo..

Ninne Choosthu Ilaane
Sagam Neelo Ayyane Oo
Premane Aayudhamlaane
Daachaa Gundeloo

Kadashwaasa Varake O O
Ne Ninne Vidane Oo..
Premane Aayudhamlaane
Daachaa Gundelo

Cheyi Cheyi Kalipesthu
Cheyyaali Payanaale
Premane Aayudham Leraa
Gelicheti Gundekee..

Prema Oh Ayudham Song Details

SongPrema Oh Ayudham
SingerJ.V Sudhanshu & Priya Mali
MusicAnirudh Ravichander
LyricsKrishna Kanth
StarringThalapathy Vijay & Trisha
Music LabelSony Music South

FAQ Of Prema Oh Ayudham Lyrics

Who is the performer of this song?

Anirudh Ravichander sings this song. He is an accomplished Indian singer-songwriter-composer renowned for his work in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam films.

Who are the Lyricists of this Song?

Krishna Kanth wrote the lyrics to this song. He is an accomplished Indian lyricist renowned for his work in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi films.

Can you explain what this song means?

This song celebrates love’s transformative power. It offers hope and optimism for an optimistic outlook that love can conquer any obstacle that stands in its way.

Why do songs play such an integral part in movies?

This song appears at the climax of the film as an emotional release for its protagonist who has finally found love.

What are some of the key lyrics of the song?

Some of the key lyrics of the song include:

“Prema oh ayudham, ithath theergum” (Love is a weapon, it will conquer)
“Nee thodarbukondu vanthu, ennai vaazhkikka vaendum” (Please come and make me live)
“Ennidam seiyum aarvamae, unnai kaanathaaga irukkirathu” (The only thing that can make me happy is to see you)

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