Radhesha Lyrics

Saturate yourself in the emotive of “Radhesha Lyrics,” an exquisite melody from Telugu movie SPARK that will move your soul.

Kanabadu Kantiki Tondarga Lyrics“, written by Anantha Sriram and rendered alive through Swetha Mohan’s captivating vocals, delves deeply into love and longing, perfectly depicting its protagonist’s yearning for her beloved. Composed by Hesham Abdul Wahab’s masterful musical arrangement combining traditional classical tunes with modern beats to produce an unparalleled listening experience.

Radhesha Song Lyrics

Radhesha Song Details

SingerSwetha Mohan
MusicHesham Abdul Wahab
LyricsAnantha Sriram
StarringVikranth & Mehreen Pirzada
Music LabelAditya Music India

FAQ Of Radhesha Lyrics

What is the meaning of "Radhesha" song?

The song “Radhesha” is an emotive testament to love and longing, depicting both deep affection for her beloved and pain of separation in its lyrics. However, its message of hopefulness and resilience remains relevant despite any obstacles the character might be facing with regard to holding onto her love despite challenges presented to them.

Who composed and sang "Radhesha"?

Hesham Abdul Wahab composed the song, with lyrics by Anantha Sriram and vocals performed by Swetha Mohan.

In which film does "Radhesha" feature?

“Radhesha” can be heard in the Telugu thriller film SPARK (2023), featuring Vikranth, Mehreen Pirzada and Rukhsar Dhillon as actors.

What genre is "Radhesha"?

“Radhesha” is an exquisite classical song with modern flourishes. Featuring traditional Indian instruments combined with contemporary beats for an exciting soundscape.

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