Sottangalla Lyrics

Deep within the realm of music and cinema, there emerges a gem known as “Sottangalla Lyrics,” a soul-stirring opus that emanates from the heart of the Tamil film “Japan.” The mellifluous serenade is serenaded by none other than the mellifluous Sean Roldan, its melodious resonance orchestrated by the virtuoso maestro, GV Prakash Kumar. In the poetic realm, the lyrical artistry of Yugabharathi unveils itself, intertwining with the symphonic tapestry to craft a vivid narrative.

As the song unfurls its auditory tapestry, it embarks on a journey, encapsulating the protagonist’s tribulations with an initial, melancholic cadence. The strains of sorrow meld seamlessly with the somber backdrop, portraying the trials and tribulations that life often throws our way. However, as the melodious odyssey traverses its course, an exhilarating crescendo emerges, akin to the phoenix rising from the ashes.

The lyrics, akin to ancient mantras, transcend mere words and burgeon into a symphony of perseverance and aspiration. With each note, the protagonist’s spirit soars, echoing the unyielding resolve to surmount adversity and scale the pinnacles of achievement. It’s a magnetic force that beckons listeners who have, in their own life’s narrative, encountered formidable obstacles, igniting the fire within to press forward and seize their dreams. The song “Sottangala Solatura Parva Lyrics” is not just a musical composition; it’s a testament to the human spirit’s unwavering courage and boundless potential.

Sottangalla Song Lyrics

Sottangalla Solatura Parva
Ammi Vechu Araikuthamma
Thattan Pola Methakura Manasu
Kuttikaranam Adikuthamma

Cholakatu Yana Pola
Nenjukulla Payuriye
Seeni Mela Eeya Neeyum
Echi Vaika Meyuriye Yee

Pokka Neeyum
Nellaa Thoothuriyee
Kalli Pala Thena Maathuriye

Vekka Vanthaa Neethan Eeram
Veyilukku Neeraaharam
Kummirutil Kodi Koil Deepam Neethane
Alli Thinga Neethan Saadham
Angayamman Saami Padham

Kappi Kallu Dhaagam Theekkum
Megam Neethane
Sutta Mannu On Kai Alla
Sokka Thangam Aaneenee

Kittipulla Neeyum Thatta
Aeroplane ah Poonene
Alli Unna Naa Edukka
Athanaiyum On Vaasam
Kakkathula Aahaasam

Ottu Thinna Ooram Aadu
Othaasaikku Eethu Eedu
Thottu Enna Neeyum Thookka
Kaalam Maaraathoo

Sontham Unna Sertha Veedu
Sulli Vacha Maina Koodu
Alli Alli Oottum Thaaya
Kadhal Yenthatho

Mocha Kotta Pallu Paathu
Velli Vairam Venaame
Echi Vachu Neeyum Thanthaa
Vellam Agum Ellaamee

Sippi Muthu Nee Sirikka
Natchathiram Kaiveesum
Mothathula Paal Vaasam

Sottangalla Solatura Paarva
Ammi Vechu Araikuthamma
Thattan Pola Methakura Manasu
Kuttikaranam Adikuthamma

Cholakattu Yaana Pola
Nenjukulla Payuriye
Seeni Mela Eeya Neeyum
Echi Vaika Meyuriye

Pokka Neeyum
Nellaa Thoothuriye
Kalli Pala Thena Maathuriyey

Sottangalla Song Details

SingerSean Roldan
MusicGV Prakash Kumar
Music LabelSaregama Tamil

FAQ Of Sottangalla Lyrics

What is the essence of the song "Sottangalla" featured in the Tamil film "Japan"?

The mellifluous composition titled “Sottangalla” within the cinematic realm of Tamil’s “Japan” is a sonorous vessel that navigates the intricacies of romance. A lyrical journey that unfurls with the dulcet tones of Sean Roldan, the composition emerges from the creative crucible of GV Prakash Kumar and is illuminated by the poetic prowess of Yugabharathi.

Who lends their vocal and musical artistry to "Sottangalla"?

The melodious enchantment of “Sottangalla” is given voice by the talented Sean Roldan, whose resonant notes imbue the composition with evocative emotions. The tapestry of this musical narrative is intricately woven by the musical maestro GV Prakash Kumar, whose orchestral finesse has graced numerous cinematic gems.

Whose lyrical ingenuity shapes the verses of "Sottangalla"?

The lyrical tapestry of “Sottangalla” is embroidered by the artistry of Yugabharathi, a virtuoso of poetic expression in the Tamil language. His penmanship weaves intricate tales of love and beauty, imbuing the composition with profound and poignant sentiments.

What is the semantic tapestry of "Sottangalla" in the Tamil vernacular?

The term “Sottangalla” is a linguistic fusion rooted in the rich Tamil language. It finds its meaning in the harmonious amalgamation of “sotta,” an expression denoting the resplendence of beauty, and “anga,” which is an ode to the embodiment of womanhood. In this linguistic synergy, “Sottangalla” emerges as an enchanting portrayal of a beautiful woman, capturing the essence of feminine grace and allure.

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