The Global Recognition of Think Music India

Think Music India, one of the leading record labels in Indian music industry, has gained global acclaim with its innovative soundtracks and collaborations. This blog post will focus on its global recognition; including awards nominations and international collaborations.

Awards and Nominations

Awards and Nominations Think Music India has been recognized for their exceptional contributions to the music industry by receiving multiple awards and nominations, which recognize their efforts at producing high quality music both domestically and globally. Their dedication is recognized both domestically as well as globally.

Think Music India earned one of its greatest honors when they took home the ‘Best Music Label’ award at Mirchi Music Awards South 2019. This award demonstrated their dedication to producing high quality and diverse musical content while nurturing talent across genres and generations.

Think Music India has achieved outstanding milestones through YouTube, with over 12.3 million subscribers and 9 billion views combined on their channel. YouTube recognized their success and awarded them three Creator Awards – for reaching 100,000, 1 million, and 10 million subscribers respectively.

Think Music India has also been involved with numerous successful soundtracks that have earned critical acclaim and praise, such as those

Featured in movies such as 96″, Imaikka Nodigal”, Seemaraja” and Karnan”. Such soundtracks were well received both by audiences and critics alike.

Think Music India has earned numerous awards and nominations to recognize their dedication to quality music production. They showcase how this label has found its niche within the music industry while striving to innovate and maintain high standards.

International Partnerships

Think Music India has made strides on the global music scene through its international collaborations. Their dedication to supporting various musical genres and nurturing talent has resulted in partnerships that transcend geographical borders.

Think Music India has established an invaluable international collaboration through their partnership with Believe, a leading digital music provider. Through this agreement, Think Music India can utilize Believe’s cutting-edge approach and technological know-how, thus expediting growth and monetisation across their entire catalogue.

Believe’s purchase of Think Music India has provided it with the financial means to expand its soundtrack acquisition strategy, further cementing their position in India while broadening their global footprint.

Think Music’s YouTube channel boasting over 11 million subscribers and Believe’s channels provide artists a launchpad to an audience of over 60 million YouTube subscribers; this represents about 25% of India’s monthly active users on YouTube.

Think Music India has also contributed to various internationally-acclaimed soundtracks through strategic collaborations. One such instance involved Bombay Jayashri – Grammy nominee.

These international collaborations showcase Think Music India’s dedication to taking Indian music worldwide and its success in carving out a niche within the global music industry, constantly striving for innovation and quality.

Think Music India has earned international renown thanks to their dedication in producing quality music. Their success can be measured through multiple awards, nominations and international collaborations that continue to set new standards within the music industry.

Music is a universal language and so, let us celebrate Think Music India as they continue to bring Indian music onto a global platform.

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