Then Thulli Thoovum Nimishame

Then Thulli Thoovum Nimishame Song Lyrics is an exquisite and soulful song from the Malayalam film 2018, starring Tovino Thomas. Sung by KS Harisankar and composed by Nobin Paul with lyrics written by Joe Paul, Venmegham is truly one of Malayalam cinema’s finest moments.

This song is a love ballad in which the singer expresses their passion for their partner. They compare their love to that of a raincloud that brings joy and happiness, assuring them they’ll always be by their side; just like an eternally returning raindrop.

This song comes complete with an exquisite video featuring Tovino Thomas and Aparna Balamurali romance against a lush green landscape, complete with rain clouds and waterfalls that add an additional sense of beauty and mystery to its entirety.

Venmegham Song Lyrics is an emotive and romantic song, beloved among Malayali audiences. This timeless composition speaks volumes to anyone who has experienced love’s power.

Then Thulli Thoovum Nimishame Lyrics

Venmegham Melle Mozhiyumo
Mazhavillil Moham Minnumpol
Meyyake Moodum Nanavaay
Peyyunnitharo Thaanee

Oohoo Nee Thennithenni Ozhukave
Oohoo Kulirullinnullil Nirayave
Onnavaan Thonnukayoo

Oohh Then Thullithoovum Nimishame
Oooh Mathimaranniyiyee Vazhi
Janmangal Cherukayo

Varmazhapanthalinu Thaazhe Vaa
Idanenjiloru Thaalam Thaalam
Kaalam Kannadiyaay
Munnayi Mohangal Onnake Peyyunnoo

Oooh Nee Thennithenni Ozhukave
Oooh Kulirullinnullil Nirayave
Onnavaan Thonnukayo
Oooh Then Thullithoovum Nimishame
Oooh Mathimaranniyiyee Vazhi
Janmangal Cherukayoo

Then Thulli Thoovum Nimishame Song Details

SongVenmegham Melle
SingerKS Harisankar
MusicNobin Paul
LyricsJoe Paul
StarringTovino Thomas
Music LabelThink Music India

FAQ Of Then Thulli Thoovum Nimishame Song Lyrics

What is the song Venmegham about?

Venmegham is a Malayalam song from the 2018 film of the same name. This track celebrates monsoon rains in Kerala while lamenting those left behind and longing for loved ones who may no longer be close by singing of longing and beauty of monsoon rains far away.

Who is the singer for Venmegham?

Venmegham is performed by KS Harisankar.

Who wrote the lyrics for Venmegham?

Joe Paul wrote the lyrics for Venmegham.

Who composed the music for Venmegham?

Nobin Paul composed the music for Venmegham.

In which film does the song Venmegham appear?

Venmegham can be found in the 2018 Malayalam film by Jude Anthany Joseph with Tovino Thomas, Aparna Balamurali and Kunchako Boban in its cast.

What is the meaning of the word Venmegham?

Venmegham is a Malayalam word for “white cloud.”

What is the significance of the white cloud in the song Venmegham?

In Venmegham, the white cloud represents hope and longing. It represents the singer’s longing for their loved one to return.

Could someone explain what the lyrics "Njan neeyum avide" from the song mean?

In Venmegham’s song njan neeyum avide is translated to mean: You and I shall meet. It refers to a singer’s desire for them both.

What is the significance of Venmegham in the movie 2018?

Venmegham plays an essential part in the film 2018. It symbolizes our protagonist’s emotional journey as he processes grief and longing.

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