Ulagai Vella Pogiraal Lyrics

Annapoorani is an upcoming Tamil film that stars Nayanthara, Jai and Sathyaraj amongst others, featuring an inspiring first single by Thaman S entitled ‘Ulagai Vella Pogiraal Lyrics‘ that celebrates food as medicine. Viveka wrote the lyrics for this beautiful tune composed by Thaman S and composed by Thaman S himself.

This song opens with an easy yet haunting melody that sets the mood for what follows. Sung by Sid Sriram, its lyrics speak about food’s role in our lives as nourishment, comfort and happiness; its diversity celebrated around the globe is also highlighted here.

Ulagai Vella Pogiraal Song Lyrics

Ulagai Vella Pogiraal Song Details

SongUlagai Vella Pogiral
MusicThaman S
Music LabelSaregama Tamil

FAQ Of Ulagai Vella Pogiraal Lyrics

Who wrote the lyrics for "Ulagai Vella Pogiraal" from Annapoorani?

Vivek wrote the lyrics of “Ulagai Vella Pogiraal.”

Who composed the music for "Ulagai Vella Pogiraal"?

Thaman S. composed the music for “Ulagai Vella Pogiraal.”

What is the significance of "Ulagai Vella Pogiraal"?

“Ulagai Vella Pogiraal” is an ode to food in Tamil culture. The lyrics highlight its joy of eating, sharing it with others and its ability to bring people closer.

What is the significance of "Ulagai Vella Pogiraal" from Annapoorani?

“Ulagai Vella Pogiraal” is the theme song from Annapoorani, sung by its titular heroine who serves as goddess of food and nutrition. The song expresses Annapoorani’s passion for sharing her knowledge about food with others and conveys her devotion.

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