Undhan Kai Veesidum Lyrics

Undhan Kai Veesidum Lyrics (Railin Oligal) is a Tamil song featured in the 2023 film Blue Star starring Ashok Selvan and Keerthi, composed by Govind Vasantha with lyrics written by Uma Devi. This soulful melody conveys feelings of longing and longing with every note played on it.

This song begins with an easy piano intro and Shakthisree Gopalan’s captivating vocals, portraying a lover who longs for their loved one – their heart racing when thinking about their loved one, as they sing about how eagerly they long to see them again.

Shakthisree’s vocals soar through the chorus of this song’s chorus, singing about her love being like a beacon and how drawn to them like moths to a flame they are.

Shaktisree provides an emotional bridge in this song by singing about how much she misses her loved one and that they keep her awake at night, along with being worried for them and wanting to protect them from all harm.

Shaktisree’s vocals once again soar with an extended reprise of the chorus as she sings about how her lover is everything and she can’t imagine life without them.

Unthan Kai Veesidum Song by Tamil music singer-songwriter Vishal is an emotional love song which will resonate with those who have ever experienced romance. A must-listen for fans of Tamil music as well as anyone appreciating good love songs!

Undhan Kai Veesidum Song Lyrics

Railin oligal
Unaiye thaedudhae
Athirum paraiyaai
Ithayam aadudhaee

Undhan kai veesidum
Poi jaadai ennai
Edhen thotathil veesudhe
Un oor thaandhidum
Raiyil paalam mel
En boomi mudindhu vidudhee

En thaayodum kooradha
Varttaikkul naan neendhuraen kaandhurane
Kanakkaanum poraikkul
Kaalattha adakkaakkuraen thaekkuren

Manmaelodum mazhatthanni pol
Naalzum nilamaaruren thooruren
Paazhaginra nenjukkuu
Paalpaarva nee vaakkura kaakuraa

Kodi vaasangal ennai theendi ponaalum
Uyiraii theendaadho un vaasam
Boomi theerndhaalum theeradha
Raiyail paadhai
Kaadhal ondrae anbaee

Anbae anbae
Anbae anbae (2)

Undhan Kai Veesidum Song Details

SongUndhan Kai Veesidum
SingerPradeep Kumar & Shakthisree Gopalan
MusicGovind Vasantha
LyricsUma Devi
MovieBlue Star
StarringAshok Selvan & Keerthi
Music LabelThink Music India

FAQ Of Undhan Kai Veesidum Lyrics

What is the meaning of the song title "Undhan Kai Veesidum"?

“Undhan Kai Veesidum” is an old Tamil term meaning, “Rail Path of Love.”

Who wrote the lyrics for "Undhan Kai Veesidum"?

Uma Devi was responsible for writing the lyrics of “Undhan Kai Veesidum”.

Who composed the music for "Undhan Kai Veesidum?"

Govind Vasantha composed the music for “Undhan Kai Veesidum.”

Who are the singers of "Undhan Kai Veesidum"?

Pradeep Kumar and Shakthisree Gopalan’s rendition of Undhan Kai Veesidum.

What is the theme of the song "Undhan Kai Veesidum"?

“Undhan Kai Veesidum” uses the train as a metaphor to symbolize love’s journey. The song tells how lovers’ romance moves forward despite obstacles along its path.

What is the significance of the line "Rayil paalam mael En bhoomi mudinthu viduthae" in the song "Unthan Kai Veesidum"?

The phrase, “Rayil paalam mael En bhoomi mudinthu viduthae,” can be translated to mean: “My world ends at the railway bridge.” This line implies that when two lovers fall deeply in love with each other, their entire universe becomes focused around one individual.

What is the significance of the line "Bhoomi theernthaalum theeraatha Rayil paathai Kadhal ondrae anbe Anbe" in the song "Unthan Kai Veesidum"?

The phrase, “Bhoomi theernthaalum theeraatha Rayil paathai Kadhal ondrae anbe anbe”, suggests that love is the strongest force in existence and will outlast anything and everyone. This line speaks of its resilience against any obstacle.

What makes the song "Unthan Kai Veesidum" so special?

“Unthan Kai Veesidum” stands out with its sublime lyrics, haunting melody, and soulful vocals. But more than this, its message of love and hope shines brightly through; reminding us all that love is truly the most powerful force in existence and that its strength cannot be broken by anything in its path.

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