Vellake Nannu Vadili Vellake Lyrics

Vellake Nannu Vadili Vellake Lyrics: Recall your past love with Vellake’s melodic composition that stirs emotions of long ago love affairs.

Alekhya Harika and Vinay Shanmukh’s heartfelt song, “Vellake Telugu Song”, will take you back to those memories of love that once was. Bharatt-Saurabh created an exquisite blend of traditional and contemporary sounds while Suresh Banisetti wrote lyrics full of emotion and nostalgia that will transport you right back.

This song opens with an atmospheric melody that sets the mood. The lyrics depict an unfaithful partner leaving their lover behind; they sing about how painful separation was while remembering all the special memories shared together.

Vellake Nannu Vadili Vellake Song Lyrics

Vellake Song Details

SongVellake Nannu Vadili
SingerYazin Nizar
MusicBharatt- Saurabh
LyricsSuresh Banisetti
StarringAlekhya Harika & Sugi Vijay
Music LabelSony Music South

FAQ Of Vellake Nannu Vadili Vellake Lyrics

Who is Vellake's Music Director?

Vellake was composed by Bharatt Hans.

Who are the artists from Vellake?

Vellake was performed by Bharatt-Saurabh, Yazin Nizar and Anirudh Ravichander.

How long is Vellake running for?

Vellake lasts approximately three and a half minutes to play through in its entirety.

What does Vellake mean?

Vellake is a Telugu word meaning to dry up or wither away; in this song it refers to the speaker’s longing and sadness over their lost love.

What is the theme of Vellake's song?

Vellake is a song about heartbreak and loss. The speaker sings about their deep love for someone they have let go, while feeling that their heart is emptying without them in it.

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