ANIMAL: Movie Song Lyrics 

Journey on a musical adventure into the exciting world of ANIMAL, where love, passion, and rhythm blend beautifully together. Marvel at its mesmerizing lyrics featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna's mesmerizing voices!

"Chhuya tune, bah gaya main," he sings, confessing how her touch has lit a fire within him. The song's rhythm, with traditional and contemporary elements mixed together, captures his alternating feelings as he navigates love's tricky waters.

Hua Main Song Lyrics: A Love Anthem 

"Pehle Bhi Main," an emotionally engaging tribute to love's everlasting power, takes listeners on a melancholic yet poignant journey through time. Its lyrics explore its protagonist's longing for love that has withstood time and distance.

Pehle Bhi Main Song Lyrics: A Retro Melody 

"Satranga", from the movie ANIMAL, unleashes an irresistibly energetic melody that perfectly captures its lyrics. The rhythm, featuring both traditional and contemporary elements, captures unbridled love as well as life itself - two themes which "Satranga" captures perfectly.

Satranga Song Lyrics: A Song of Colors 

As their musical journey through ANIMAL winds down, audiences are left with an overwhelming sense of enchantment and greater appreciation of how music can evoke emotions and enhance storytelling. The film's soundtrack, an array of melodies and emotive lyrics that represents its characters' transformative power as well as humanity's resilience, serves as a powerful testament to love's transformative force and human resilience.

A Musical Journey Through ANIMAL